Why are our shirts so comfortable?

They're made with performance fabric. Think Under Armour fabric + Brooks Brothers styles.

To the naked eye, they look just like cotton shirts... but feel like you're wearing a cloud. 

Our shirts breathe, stretch, wick away moisture, require no ironing, no dry cleaning, and are machine washable. 


Why did we do this?

"The subway-sweats." On a hot day in New York City, there's nothing worse than coming into the office drenched in sweat. Traditional cotton shirts trap moisture to your body. It's uncomfortable and unsightly.  

We asked: Why can't workwear look great and feel comfortable? 

Surprisingly, most factories won't make dress shirts out of performance fabrics, it's too difficult and expensive. After 12 months of production, we perfected our supply chain to combine technical fabrics with classic styles to make the most comfortable dress shirt possible.

Our Namesake

"Summer Fridays" are a popular employee perk where companies allow their staff to leave the office early. Think of it as an adult half-day... but you still get paid. 

In 1966, the Hawaiian garment industry was trying to sell more shirts, and they came up with the idea of “Aloha Friday.” The idea was to encourage Hawaiian businesses to let their employees wear Hawaiian shirts to the office once a week. What began as a marketing ploy quickly became a cultural statement. “Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t get caught up in the rat race.”

Our products represent both the work and the weekend elements of a Summer Friday. Our collections with focus on business casual workwear, a growing category that defines the modern workplace. 

"There's work. There's play. There's a shirt for both." -Summer Friday

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The Aloha Cooling Dress Shirt